Photo: Navid Naderializadeh

Navid Naderializadeh

Research Scientist
Information & Systems Sciences Lab, HRL Laboratories

Navid Naderi is a Research Scientist in the Information & Systems Sciences Lab at HRL Laboratories in Malibu, CA. Prior to that, he was a Research Scientist at Intel Labs in Santa Clara, CA. He received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA in 2016 and my MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 2014, both under Prof. Salman Avestimehr. His research interests include development and analysis of model-based and learning-based radio resource allocation algorithms for 5G and beyond. Dr. Naderializadeh ranked first in the Iranian Nationwide University entrance exam in 2007. He was the recipient of Jacobs Scholarship in 2011. He was selected as a 2015-16 Ming Hsieh Institute Ph.D. Scholar. He has also been a finalist in the Shannon Centennial Student Competition at Nokia Bell Labs in 2016.