Prof. Steve Alpern

Professor of Operation Research
The University of Warwick

Prof. Steve Alpern joined the ORMS group at Warwick Business School after a long stay at the London School of Economics, where he was Professor of Mathematics and Operational Research. Alpern grew up and completed his education in the United States, where he received the AB at Princeton (Senior Thesis written with Oskar Morgenstern) and the PhD at the Courant Institute-NYU (thesis on dynamical systems, under Peter Lax). Before crossing the Atlantic, he taught at NYU, UCLA, Bryn Mawr and Yale.

Alpern did much of his early work in the area of ergodic theory and dynamical systems, working with J. Oxtoby, S. Kakutani and V. Prasad. Current research interests are in the Operational Research areas of game theory, search theory (particularly rendezvous search, which he first proposed in 1976) and decentralized matching theory. Lately Alpern has been applying theoretical results in search theory to animal behaviour (predator search for prey, 'pilferer' search for cached nuts). He has recently become interested in problems of group decision making, including jury voting and committees.