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WNCG Student wins Top 10% Paper Award from IEEE

WNCG student Debarati Kundu and her advisor, Prof. Brian Evans, have been selected for a top 10% paper award for the IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 2015. The conference will take place in Quebec City, Canada in September. The paper "Full-Reference Visual Quality Assessment for Synthetic Images: A Subjective Study" deals with conducting a series of subjective experiments to aid in better understanding how humans perceive synthetic images encountered in computer graphics.

Video Networks

When it comes to video and image processing for the future, many factors as diverse as user perception and quality of experience, as well as effectively harvesting the energy required for advanced forms of video display come into play.

Through his LIVE lab research, WNCG Prof. Alan Bovik and students lay the groundwork for video and related networks of the future.

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