Open House

Open House Connects Affiliates with Student Recruitment

WNCG's annual Open House connects board members and Industrial Affiliates with world-class students for recruitment and research. Through close access to WNCG student research and resumes, Open House gives our industry partners a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with with bright young minds. This year's open house featured roughly 40 student poster presentations and a WNCG faculty panel on edge computing and wireless infrastructure. Faculty panelists included WNCG Profs. Todd Humphreys, Robert Heath, Gustavo de Veciana, Edison Thomaz and Andrea Thomaz. 

Open House 2015 Creates Recruitment Opportunities for Students and Industry

WNCG Industrial Affiliates, faculty and students come together for an annual event focused on WNCG's greatest resource; a collection of some of the world's brightest students. Open House provides recruitment opportunities to Industrial Affiliate Members through close access to WNCG student research and resumes, as well as creates opportunities for one-on-one meetings with WNCG students. 

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