Todd E. Humphreys

Associate Professor
Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Ph.D., Cornell University

Dr. Humphreys specializes in the application of optimal detection and estimation techniques to problems in satellite navigation, autonomous systems, and signal processing. He directs the Radionavigation Laboratory at UT Austin. His recent focus has been on secure perception for autonomous systems, including navigation, timing, and collision avoidance, and on centimeter-accurate location for the mass market.

Dr. Humphreys is also on the graduate study committee of the UT Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received the UT Regeants' Outstanding Teaching Award in 2012, the NSF Career Award in 2015, and the Institute of Navigation Thurlow Award in 2015. Dr. Humphreys joined the faculty of the Cockrell School of Engineering in Fall 2009.

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Radionavigation Laboratory

Research Interests: 
Secure perception for autonomous systems
Positioning, navigation, and timing technology and security
Detection and estimation
Software-defined radio