Multiple Fano Interferences in a Plasmonic Metamolecule Consisting of Asymmetric Metallic Nanodimers

04 Feb 2015

In this work, WNCG Prof. Andrea Alù, WNCG student Jing Bai and Prof. Khai Q. Le from Hoa Sen University in Vietnam theoretically explore signatures of plasmonic Fano interferences in a sub-wavelength-plasmonic metamolecule. Consisting of closely packed asymmetric gold nanodimers, these signatures lead to the possibility of generating multiple Fano resonances in the scattering spectrum. This spectral feature is attributed to the interference between bright and dark plasmonic modes sustained by the constituent nanodimers. The excited Fano dips are highly sensitive in both wavelength and amplitude to geometry and background dielectric medium. The tunability of induced Fanoresonances associated with enhanced electric fields from the visible to infrared region provides promising applications, particularly in refractive index sensing, light-trapping, and photon up-converting. This work was originally published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Read full paper HERE.