Research Briefs

Datesort descending Title Related Faculty
01 Jan 2014 User Association in Heterogeneous Networks
07 Feb 2014 Mixed Regression: Disentangling Mixed Data
21 Feb 2014 Wireless Index Coding Through Rank Minimization
03 Mar 2014 Memory-Limited Learning
19 Mar 2014 Traffic assignment with uncertain travel times
20 Mar 2014 Absorption and Scattering for Cloaked Sensors
20 Mar 2014 Nonreciprocity in Acoustic Circulator
22 Mar 2014 Detecting Epidemics in Networks
26 Mar 2014 Computational Metamaterials
31 Mar 2014 Broadband Cloaking
23 Apr 2014 Video Over Wireless: Maximizing Quality under Limited Resources
06 May 2014 Community Detection in Massive Graphs
16 May 2014 Five Disruptive Technology Directions for 5G
16 May 2014 What Will 5G Be?
23 May 2014 Finding dense subgraphs in massive graphs.
27 May 2014 Perceptually Driven Algorithms for Stored Video Delivery
02 Jun 2014 High-Precision Globally-Referenced Augmented Reality for Mobile Devices
02 Jun 2014 Spectral Efficiency of Dynamic Coordinated Beamforming: A Stochastic Geometry Approach
02 Jun 2014 Utility Maximization of a Video Sensor Network
02 Jun 2014 Predicting 5G: Performance Analysis of Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks
02 Jun 2014 Centimeter-Accurate Low-Power Mobile Positioning
02 Jun 2014 Distributed Space-Time Interference Alignment
02 Jun 2014 Secure Navigation and Timing for Autonomous Systems
02 Jun 2014 Space-Time Physical-Layer Network Coding
03 Jun 2014 Channel Estimation and Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems
03 Jun 2014 A Phase-Reconstruction Technique for Low-Power Centimeter-Accurate Mobile Positioning
03 Jun 2014 Mmwave MIMO Channel with One-Bit ADCs
03 Jun 2014 New Performance Models for Large-Scale Content Delivery Networks
04 Jun 2014 5G Architecture: Cloud RAN, Extreme Densification and D2D Integration
09 Jun 2014 Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication: Fundamentals with Applications to LTE
17 Jun 2014 Social Networks
01 Jul 2014 Host-Compiled Performance, Energy, Reliability, Power and Thermal (PERPT) Simulation of Multi-Processor-Systems-on-Chip
01 Jul 2014 5G in WNCG
01 Jul 2014 Linear Algebra Accelerators for Low-Power, High-Performance Multi-Core Computing
01 Jul 2014 Approximate Computing Circuits for Energy-Efficient Signal Processing
01 Jul 2014 Video Networks
01 Jul 2014 Erasure Codes for Large-Scale Distributed Storage
11 Jul 2014 Impact of Image Quality on Face Detection
11 Jul 2014 Large Scale Learning from Text, Images and Social Interactions
11 Jul 2014 Algorithms for Matrix Estimation
11 Jul 2014 A Framework for Constrained Bayesian Interference with Applications
11 Jul 2014 Data Driven Insights for Health Informatics
11 Jul 2014 Large Scale Ranking
29 Jul 2014 Wireless Video Quality and Applications
29 Jul 2014 Quadratic Maximization Problems
30 Jul 2014 Semi-Supervised Affinity Propagation with Soft Instance-Level Constraints
30 Jul 2014 Iterative Learning for Reference-Guided DNA Sequence Assembly from Short Reads: Algorithms and Limits of Performance
30 Jul 2014 Novel Pediatric Mortality Risk Prediction Score Based on Nonlinear Feature Transformations
30 Jul 2014 Sparsity-Aware Sphere Decoding: Algorithms and Complexity Analysis
22 Jan 2015 Decoupling Uplink-Downlink Associations in 5G Cellular
22 Jan 2015 Understanding Ultra-Dense Cellular Networks: Multi-slope Path Loss Models and Analysis
27 Jan 2015 A Generative Model for Shadowing in Urban Networks
27 Jan 2015 Spectral Efficiency of Determinantal Cellular Wireless Networks
27 Jan 2015 Bayesian Sparse Principal Component Analysis
29 Jan 2015 Cooperative Base Station Coloring for Pair-Wise Cluster Multiplexing
29 Jan 2015 Analysis of Self-Body Blocking Effect in mmWave Cellular Networks
29 Jan 2015 Performance Analysis of Pair-Wise Dynamic Multi-User Joint Transmission
29 Jan 2015 Millimeter Wave Vehicular Communication Radar
29 Jan 2015 Millimeter Wave for Electronic Wearable Networks
29 Jan 2015 Limited Feedback Hybrid Precoding for Multi-User Millimeter Wave Systems
29 Jan 2015 Channel Estimation in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems with One-Bit Quantization
29 Jan 2015 Performance Analysis of Millimeter Wave Ad Hoc Networks
29 Jan 2015 Massive MIMO: At Ultra-High Frequency or Millimeter Wave?
04 Feb 2015 Multiple Fano Interferences in a Plasmonic Metamolecule Consisting of Asymmetric Metallic Nanodimers
04 Feb 2015 Ultra-Thin Unidirectional Carpet Cloak and Wavefront Reconstruction With Graded Metasurfaces
04 Feb 2015 Ultrathin Pancharatnam-Berry Metasurface with Maximal Cross-Polarization Efficiency
04 Feb 2015 An Invisible Acoustic Sensor Based on Parity-Time Symmetry
02 Apr 2015 Succinct Representations of Big Data: Binary Embeddings
08 Apr 2015 Scheduling for Stream Computing in the Cloud
08 Apr 2015 Quality-Energy Aware Synthesis of Approximate Hardware
08 Apr 2015 Scheduling for Dense Wireless Networks
08 Apr 2015 Detecting Sponsored Recommendations
08 Apr 2015 Motion Silencing of Flicker Distortions on Naturalistic Videos
08 Apr 2015 What multislope path loss models tell us about the fundamental limits of wireless network densification in 5G and beyond
08 Apr 2015 Modeling and Algorithms for Aggregated Data
08 Apr 2015 Perceptual Fog Density Assessment and Image Defogging
08 Apr 2015 Bayesian Sparse Principal Component Analysis
08 Apr 2015 Efficient Computation of Adaptive Routing Decisions Under Uncertainty
08 Apr 2015 Generalization of Standard Matrix Completion
08 Apr 2015 The Burden of Risk Aversion in Selfish Routing
08 Apr 2015 Networks-of-Systems Simulation
10 Apr 2015 Collaborative Opportunistic Navigation
23 Apr 2015 Mac Channels
18 Apr 2016 Perceptual Impact of Video Rebuffering in a Low Bandwidth Environment
18 Apr 2016 Poisson Building 3D Spatial Model for Indoor Wireless Networks
18 Apr 2016 Predicting Stalling Events in Streaming Videos
18 Apr 2016 Stochastic Geometry Framework for Mobile-User Temporal Performance Variations
18 Apr 2016 NSS Models for Detecting Picture Artifacts
18 Apr 2016 Picture Quality of Security Relevant Images
01 Jul 2016 Frequency Selective Hybrid Precoding in Millimeter Wave OFDMA Systems
01 Jul 2016 Sharing Spectrum Licenses in mmWave Cellular Systems
01 Jul 2016 Forward Collision Vehicular RADAR with IEEE 802.11
01 Jul 2016 MmWave channel estimation using sub6-GHz channel information
01 Jul 2016 Dynamic Subarrays for Hybrid Precoding in Wideband mmWave Massive MIMO Systems
01 Jul 2016 Analysis of Interference Cancellation in mmWave Cellular Systems
01 Jul 2016 Millimeter wave wearable networks in crowded indoor environments
01 Jul 2016 Analyzing Uplink Massive MIMO Using Stochastic Geometry
01 Jul 2016 Analysis of Urban Millimeter Wave Microcellular Networks
01 Jul 2016 Initial Beam Association in Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems: Analysis and Design Insights
01 Jul 2016 Waveform Design for Joint Millimeter Wave Communication and Radar
12 Jan 2018 Wideband Channel Estimation for Hybrid Beamforming Millimeter Wave Communication Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs
12 Jan 2018 Resolution-Adaptive Hybrid MIMO Architectures for mmWave Communication
27 Mar 2018 Machine Learning to Improve Success Rates for Handovers from Sub-6 GHz LTE to Millimeter Wave Bands
09 Nov 2018 Machine Learning to Manage Cellular Network Faults and Improve Voice-Over-LTE Service