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Alumni Profile: Kalpana Seshadrinathan

Texas ECE sat down with WNCG alumna Dr. Kalpana Seshadrinathan (PhD, 2008) to discuss her career in electrical and computer engineering. Seshadrinathan is part of the team that received a 2020 Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award.

WNCG Alumnus Named to Forbes 30 Under 30

WNCG alumnus Ahmed Kord has been named to the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Science. Kord received the designation for the work he completed as a Graduate Research Assistant developing a new class of magnet-less circulators, which are smaller and enable more applications. Circulators are crucial for devices to transmit and receive data at the same time. Kord was the recipient of the 2018 IEEE MTTS Fellowship for this research.

Student Spotlights 2017

It's no secret that WNCG produces stellar industry and academic professionals. Here's where WNCG students and alumni are headed this summer for internships and employment:

Ahmad Al Ammouri - Samsung Research America, Richardson, TX 

Anum Ali - Qualcomm, Bridgewater, NJ

Arjun Anand - Intel, Hillsboro, OR

Chang-sik Choi - Samsung, Richardson, TX

Christos Bampis - Netflix, Los Gatos, CA

Erik Lindgren - Google, Mountain View, CA

Ethan Elenberg - Twitter, San Francisco, CA

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