Evdokia Nikolova

The Burden of Risk Aversion in Selfish Routing

Traffic congestion aggravates the daily life of millions of people around the globe and congestion games from game theory provide a suitable tool to understand its effects and offer insights on how to alleviate it.  Classic congestion games assume deterministic edge delays, while in reality delays are uncertain and risk-averse drivers might prefer longer but safer routes, further exacerbating the problem of increased travel times and emissions.

Prof. Evdokia Nikolova joins WNCG

WNCG welcomes new Assistant Professor Dr. Evdokia Nikolova to its lineup of world renowned faculty researchers. 

Prof. Nikolova is the winner of a 2014 NSF CAREER Award and a 2013 Google Research Award. Her research on traffic-aware routing has been adapted in a vehicular cyber-physical system project CarTel at MIT.

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