Francois Baccelli

Stochastic Geometry Framework for Mobile-User Temporal Performance Variations

WNCG Profs. François Baccelli and Gustavo de Veciana and alumnus Pranav Madadi proposed a proposed a stochastic geometry framework to study temporal performance variations experienced by a mobile user in a cellular network. The focus is on the variations of the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) and the downlink Shannon rate experienced when the user moves across a Poisson cellular network on the Euclidean plane.

Register Now for Simons Conference 2016

The third annual Simons Conference will explore the mathematics of stochastic processes and graphs for large graphs. The four-day conference, which will take place from May 9-12, 2016 at the Blanton Museum of Art on the UT Austin campus, brings together top researchers from various communities to provide a global picture of this broad subject. Each year, the Simons program alternates between an emphasis on either mathematics or network applications.

WNCG Professors, Students and Postdoctoral Researchers Sweep GLOBECOM 2015 Paper Awards

IEEE GLOBECOM is one of two flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), together with IEEE ICC. Each year the conference attracts about 3,000 submitted scientific papers and dozens of proposals for industry events. A technical program committee of more than 1,500 experts provides more than 10,000 reviews, and from this a small fraction of the submitted papers are accepted for publication and presentation at the conference.

WNCG Alumni and Faculty Win First-of-its-Kind IEEE CommSoc Award

WNCG alumni, Prof. Harpreet S. Dhillon and Dr. Radha Krishna Ganti, along with WNCG Profs. Jeffrey Andrews and François Baccelli, recently received the 2015 IEEE Communications Society Young Author Best Paper Award. They received the award for their paper entitled “Modeling and Analysis of K-Tier Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular Networks.”

The first of its kind, the Young Author Best Paper Award covers all publications of the IEEE Communications Society, which includes eight monthly or bi-monthly magazines and 23 multi-annual journal publications. 

Mac Channels

In a joint work with Venkat Anantharam from UC Berkeley, WNCG Prof. François Baccelli  derived the capacity region in the Poltyrev sense of the dimension matched MAC channel. They gave a representation of the error probabilities for each subset of transmitters based on Palm theory, and random coding exponents for each type of error event in the case without power constraints, in the case of independent and identically distributed Gaussian noise, with arbitrary positive definite covariance matrix at each time.

Spectral Efficiency of Determinantal Cellular Wireless Networks

Base station point patterns are known to be way better represented by determinantal point processes rather than Poisson point processes. The extension of the Poisson cellular coverage formulas obtained a few years ago by WNCG Profs. Jeffrey Andrews, François Baccelli and collaborator R. Ganti has been a challenge since that time. In a recent paper, WNCG Alumni Y. Li and Harpreet Dhillon, with François Baccelli and Jeffrey Andrews, gave a general answer to this question.

A Generative Model for Shadowing in Urban Networks

WNCG Prof. François Baccelli and X. Zhang have proposed a new model for shadowing. This model, which is based on the Poisson-Manhattan line process, generates correlated and log-normal shadowing fields. In a paper to be presented at INFOCOM 2015, this model is used for the analysis of urban wireless networks, where the locations of the nodes and the shadowing are known to be highly correlated. This shadowing model is tractable in that the distribution of the interference observed at a typical location and the joint distribution at different locations have closed form expressions.

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