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WNCG Alumni and Faculty Win First-of-its-Kind IEEE CommSoc Award

WNCG alumni, Prof. Harpreet S. Dhillon and Dr. Radha Krishna Ganti, along with WNCG Profs. Jeffrey Andrews and François Baccelli, recently received the 2015 IEEE Communications Society Young Author Best Paper Award. They received the award for their paper entitled “Modeling and Analysis of K-Tier Downlink Heterogeneous Cellular Networks.”

The first of its kind, the Young Author Best Paper Award covers all publications of the IEEE Communications Society, which includes eight monthly or bi-monthly magazines and 23 multi-annual journal publications. 

Spectral Efficiency of Determinantal Cellular Wireless Networks

Base station point patterns are known to be way better represented by determinantal point processes rather than Poisson point processes. The extension of the Poisson cellular coverage formulas obtained a few years ago by WNCG Profs. Jeffrey Andrews, François Baccelli and collaborator R. Ganti has been a challenge since that time. In a recent paper, WNCG Alumni Y. Li and Harpreet Dhillon, with François Baccelli and Jeffrey Andrews, gave a general answer to this question.

Decoupling Uplink-Downlink Associations in 5G Cellular

In existing 3G and 4G cellular networks, mobile devices associate with the same base station(BS) in the downlink(DL) and uplink(UL) directions. A key reason for this is that the overhead and control channels in each direction help inform communication in the other direction. For example, in LTE, the resource block assignments for both the DL and UL are given in DL control messages.

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