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Recap: WNCG Hosts 16th Annual Texas Wireless Summit

The Engineering Education and Research Center at The University of Texas was abuzz with over 200 participants gathered for Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) on November 6. This year’s theme was “AI and the Mobile Device.”

Held annually by WNCG, TWS brings together leading figures in industry, academia, and government to discuss the latest developments in information systems technology. “AI and the Mobile Device” marked the 16th summit hosted by the group.

Perceptual Impact of Video Rebuffering in a Low Bandwidth Environment

An adaptive streaming system must always mediate trade-offs among a number of performance metrics, including average bitrates, bitrate variation, the frequencies and durations of re-buffering events, and startup delay. Many video streaming providers, like Netflix, are oriented towards avoiding re-buffering (or stall) events at all costs. Given the increasing demand for video streaming in mobile devices, low bandwidth conditions and small screen viewing conditions are intertwined with the standard tradeoffs between bitrate changes and re-buffering events.

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