Forward Collision Vehicular RADAR with IEEE 802.11

The majority of automotive radar deployed in vehicles operates at the millimeter wave (mmWave) band. These devices, however, are susceptible to multiple security risks such as spoofing, which has severe implications for vehicular functions such as forward collision detection and avoidance. The project by Prof. Robert Heath Jr., former UT Research Scientist Dr. Bob Daniels, and student Enoch Yeh introduces a concept for enabling radar functions on traditional IEEE 802.11 devices, creating a joint framework for radar and communications.

Waveform Design for Joint Millimeter Wave Communication and Radar

Surface transportation safety can be enhanced by the use of wireless technologies, mainly automotive radar and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. Automotive radar provides a high-resolution low-latency approach for a continuous automatic detection and ranging of both communication-enabled and non-communication-enabled transportation users. V2V systems rely on the collaborative communication between vehicles to achieve a real-time cooperative detection and ranging.

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