Prof. Constantine Caramanis Begins Term as WNCG Director

The spring semester is in full swing, and as WNCG continues on the forefront of research, the group has welcomed a new Director. Prof. Constantine Caramanis began his three-year term as WNCG Director at the start of the new calendar year. Prior to that, he served as the group’s Associate Director.

With Caramanis stepping into the new role, Prof. Alex Dimakis was chosen among WNCG faculty to serve as Associate Director. WNCG’s leadership system allows the Associate Director to learn the ropes over the course of the term before serving their own term as Director. 

WNCG Launches UT SAVES Initiative

Envision an early cubist painting by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. To the untrained eye, the painting can look like a jumbled series of boxes overlapping and intertwining with each other. But the art of cubism is about exploring the world from multiple perspectives. The painting, which at first looks like boxes, is actually a city seen from multiple perspectives.

Action Packed TWS 2016 Features 5G World Debut, Startup Showcase and UT SAVES Launch

The Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) is a unique event that brings the high profile of a world-class conference right to UT Austin’s front door. Hosted by WNCG, TWS offers direct access to cutting-edge research and innovations from industry leaders, academics, investors and startups. The 14th annual TWS saw record high attendance with nearly 300 participants consisting of academics, industry partners, business leaders, researchers and students from across the world.

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