Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN)

Video Over Wireless: Maximizing Quality under Limited Resources

Bandwidth-intensive video streaming applications occupy an overwhelming fraction of bandwidth-limited wireless network traffic. The explosion of video data traffic necessitates new transmission paradigms at different protocol layers that improve video quality of experience, introduce error resilience, and meet quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. Real-time video specifically demands QoS guarantees such as delay bounds for end-user satisfaction. Due to the inherently stochastic nature of wireless fading channels, deterministic delay bounds are difficult to guarantee.

Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) Research Program

The next generation of wireless networks will become the dominant means for video content delivery, leveraging rapidly expanding cellular and local area network infrastructure. We believe that video networks at every time-scale and layer should operate and adapt with respect to perceptual distortions in the video stream.

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