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Prof. Alan Bovik Receives Edwin H. Land Medal

WNCG Prof. Alan Bovik received the 2017 Edwin H. Land Medal from The Optical Society (OSA) for shaping the direction and advancement of modern perceptual picture quality theory, and for partnering with industry towards transforming his ideas into global practice.

Motion Silencing of Flicker Distortions on Naturalistic Videos

Prof. Alan Bovik and his student Lark Kwon Choi in the WNCG Laboratory for Image and Video Engineering (LIVE) and Prof. Lawrence Cormack in the Center for Perceptual Systems (CPS) in the Department of Psychology study the influence of motion on the visibility of flicker distortions in naturalistic videos.

Wireless Video Quality and Applications

Video traffic currently comprises more than 50% of all wireless and mobile device data volume. This ratio is expected to increase for years to come. Likewise, deployments of small wireless sensors in the home, factory, retail outlets, automobiles and nearly everywhere else are proliferating. Growth in this space is expected to be exponential for many years to come.

Video Over Wireless: Maximizing Quality under Limited Resources

Bandwidth-intensive video streaming applications occupy an overwhelming fraction of bandwidth-limited wireless network traffic. The explosion of video data traffic necessitates new transmission paradigms at different protocol layers that improve video quality of experience, introduce error resilience, and meet quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. Real-time video specifically demands QoS guarantees such as delay bounds for end-user satisfaction. Due to the inherently stochastic nature of wireless fading channels, deterministic delay bounds are difficult to guarantee.

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