Stochastic Geometry Framework for Mobile-User Temporal Performance Variations

WNCG Profs. François Baccelli and Gustavo de Veciana and alumnus Pranav Madadi proposed a proposed a stochastic geometry framework to study temporal performance variations experienced by a mobile user in a cellular network. The focus is on the variations of the Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (SNR) and the downlink Shannon rate experienced when the user moves across a Poisson cellular network on the Euclidean plane.

The Future of Motion Tracking Devices

The mouse. It sits on your desk or swipes under your hand and is limited by the need to be touched. With different computer displays and richer options, a mouse that requires a surface to operate is becoming obsolete. The future needs a controller that can operate in the air with a simple hand movement and control the devices surrounding us. Whether that device is a computer, a game console, a Virtual or Augmented Reality device, or other smart devices such as household appliances.  

WNCG Welcomes 2 New Faculty

In January 2016, WNCG welcomed two new faculty to its ranks - the husband and wife dynamic duo of research, Profs. Andrea and Edison Thomaz.

“It is an incredibly exciting time to be at UT Austin,” Prof. Edison Thomaz states. “And WNCG exemplifies the type of forward-thinking that makes UT stand out. Having graduated from UT myself many ages ago, I could not pass up the opportunity to come back, contribute and be part of this transformation.”

WNCG Alum Joyce Ho Joins Emory Faculty

Dr. Joyce Ho, who graduated from WNCG in December 2015, began her tenure-track faculty position with Emory in January of this year. With the startup she cofounded, Accordion Health, gaining traction in the Austin technology scene and her new faculty position, life and work are really picking up the pace for Dr. Ho. Only a few weeks into the start of her new career, WNCG sat down with this alumna to discuss her time at WNCG and the challenges and triumphs she looks forward to on her new academic path.

Open House 2016 Creates Recruitment Opportunities for Students and Industry

WNCG Industrial Affiliates, faculty and students come together for an annual event focused on WNCG's greatest resource; a collection of some of the world's brightest students. Open House provides recruitment opportunities to Industrial Affiliate Members through close access to WNCG student research and resumes, as well as creates opportunities for one-on-one meetings with WNCG students. 

Affiliates Receive Research Sneak Peak at WNCG Board Meeting 2015

Each year, in conjunction with the Texas Wireless Summit, WNCG hosts a board meeting for its Industrial Affiliate members. This meeting invites affiliates to weigh in on current and future research directions and provides them with direct access to students for recruitment and research purposes. Affiliate members also receive sneak peeks into current faculty research.

WNCG, Samsung Team Up for CAMPS Research

WNCG Prof. Todd Humphreys and his group of researchers in the Radionavigation Laboratory made headlines in recent months with their major breakthroughs in centimeter-accurate positioning. A few of the students have already created a startup spin-off to push these breakthroughs in precise positioning to the mass market.

Student Yingzhe Li Places Top 12 in Worldwide Broadcom Competition

IRVINE, Calif. – June 5, 2015 – The University of Texas at Austin graduate student Yingzhe Li presented innovative engineering research at the fourth annual Broadcom Foundation University Research Competition sponsored by Broadcom Foundation, a non-profit funded by Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM). Li’s project is titled “A Stochastic Geometry Approach to the Coexistence of LTE and Wi-Fi in Unlicensed Spectrum.”

Digesting Big Data

With Big Data playing a role in the lives of companies and individuals across the globe, and data being collected on everything from apps to electronic health records to parking meters, society debates how best to use this mass of information.

“The stormy sea of Big Data can lead to data indigestion,” WNCG Associate Director Prof. Constantine Caramanis states. “We are interested in the application of data for engineering problems, from petroleum to health to recommendation engines.”


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