Student Spotlights 2015

It's no secret that WNCG produces stellar industry and academic professionals. Here's where WNCG students and alumni are headed this summer for internships and employment:

Ahmed Alkhateeb - Samsung, Richardson, TX

Andrew Kerns - Radiosense, Austin, TX

Deepjyoti Deka - Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM

Deepti Ghadiyaram - Microsoft Research, Seattle, WA

Derya Malak - Huawei, Plano, TX

Simons Conference 2015 Brings Together Alumni, Industry and Academia

Hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG) at the University of Texas at Austin, the Simons Conference on Networks and Stochastic Geometry is an annual event that brings together a diverse set of world-class researchers from various scientific communities to foster interdisciplinary engagement. The multi-day conference focuses on the intersection of mathematics and applications to drive the future of wireless, transportation, social and distribution networks. Simons Conference 2015 was chaired by WNCG Profs.

Postdoc Joe Neeman Joins UT Austin Faculty

WNCG Postdoctoral Researcher, Joe Neeman, recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to holding a joint postdoctoral position in UT Austin’s Departments of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Neeman completed his bachelor’s degree at the Australian National University and his PhD at UC Berkeley’s Department of Statistics.

At UT, Neeman’s research will focus on problems in probability. 

FCC Chairman Meets Technology Thought-Leaders in Austin


This April, WNCG Prof. Jeffrey Andrews and other experts met with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler to discuss spectrum innovation. The discussion between Wheeler and Andrews explored how current research can inform FCC and U.S. spectrum policies and research investments for a still-undefined 5G cellular standard.

WNCG Student Abhishek Gupta Publishes Book on MATLAB

WNCG Student Abhishek Gupta recently published his second book on MATLAB, entitled “Numerical Methods Using MATLAB.” Published by Springer Apress, the book provides a practical reference to assist anyone working with numerical methods that use MATLAB.

“Numerical methods have wide applicability across many scientific, mathematical and engineering disciplines and are often employed in situations where finding an exact answer through analytical methods is impractical,” Gupta states.

Student Startup Brings Precise Positioning to Mass Market

Imagine drawing a light painting using a phone’s antenna and GPS system. Imagine a world of virtual reality, where buildings are perfect replicas of their real-world counterparts, down to the exact height of a piece of gum stuck under a desk. Where a person cannot only see their location on the street but also the exact height and orientation of their mobile device in hand.

New Student Apps Encourage Users to Go Nuts over Healthcare

There is a new app on the market that encourages users to go nuts over healthcare, complete with a squirrely mascot. Created by the founders of Accordion Health and dubbed the “health nuts,” the two new apps, Pistachio and Chestnut, bring medical care back under the control, and into the palms of, users and patients.

Postdoc Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz Wins Junior Raj Mittra Award

WNCG Postdoctoral Associate Juan Sebastian Gomez-Diaz received the Junior Raj Mittra Travel Grant (RMTG) award to attend the 2015 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation and North American Radio Science Meeting, which will take place in Vancouver, Canada this July.

Senior Design Project Open House Brings Together UT Research Community

Each year, the UT Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) hosts a series of Senior Design Projects, which the undergraduate student teams present at the end of each semester during the Senior Design Open House. The day-long Open House event provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase and demonstrate their work. 

While WNCG consists mostly of graduate students, a select few undergraduates also engage in research projects and startups with WNCG faculty and students. Many of them presented during this year's Open House.


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