Xinchen Zhang

WNCG Professors, Students and Postdoctoral Researchers Sweep GLOBECOM 2015 Paper Awards

IEEE GLOBECOM is one of two flagship conferences of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), together with IEEE ICC. Each year the conference attracts about 3,000 submitted scientific papers and dozens of proposals for industry events. A technical program committee of more than 1,500 experts provides more than 10,000 reviews, and from this a small fraction of the submitted papers are accepted for publication and presentation at the conference.

Decoupling Uplink-Downlink Associations in 5G Cellular

In existing 3G and 4G cellular networks, mobile devices associate with the same base station(BS) in the downlink(DL) and uplink(UL) directions. A key reason for this is that the overhead and control channels in each direction help inform communication in the other direction. For example, in LTE, the resource block assignments for both the DL and UL are given in DL control messages.

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