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Oct 16
8:00 AM
Blanton Museum of Art Edgar Smith Auditorium

The 13th annual Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) provides a forum on emerging technology and business models for industry leaders and academics. Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin's Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG), the Summit offers direct access to cutting-edge research and innovations from industry leaders, investors, academics and startups.

Recent Events

22 May 2015

Modern datasets are rapidly growing in size and complexity, and this wealth of data holds the promise for many transformational applications. Machine learning is seemingly poised to deliver on this promise, having proposed and rigorously evaluated a wide range of data processing techniques over the past several decades. However, concerns over scalability and usability present major roadblocks to the wider adoption of these methods.

15 May 2015

A fundamental problem in Markov Chains is estimating the probability of transitioning to a given terminal state in k steps from some initial distribution. This has received added attention in recent years due to the success of PageRank and related Markov-Chain based centrality measures for networks. Standard approaches to this problem use linear-algebraic methods (power iteration) or Monte Carlo.

11 May 2015

Due to the privacy concerns of existing centralized Online Social Networks (OSN),  researchers and developers have tried to design, implement and deploy decentralized social networks (DSN) in  recent years. Despite numerous attempts and efforts, only a small portion of those projects have managed to achieve actual deployment status and none but one of them have more than one million users.

24 Apr 2015

Join CalTech's Dr. Quentin Berthet in this one-hour seminar. We study the detection problem of finding planted solutions in random instances of flat satisfiability problems, a generalization of boolean satisfiability formulas. We describe the properties of random instances of flat satisfiability, as well of the optimal rates of detection of the associated hypothesis testing problem. We also study the performance of an algorithmically efficient testing procedure.

23 Mar 2015

WiFi has become the connection of choice (when available) for many users. For that reason, many operators have embraced WiFi as another radio access technology that eventually will be integrated to the network. In this talk we study concurrent user associations on the uplink of the OFDMA and CSMA  heterogeneous networks. Where user equipments assumed to have multi-homing capabilities.