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25 Mar 2016
This talk will present recent work from the Socially Intelligent Machines Lab.
26 Feb 2016

Abstract: This talk will present a number of candidate technologies for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications. In more detail it will describe 802.11p and LTE applied for vehicular applications. The effect of vehicle speed, packet size and antenna correlation will be described. Simulation and emulation results will be presented. Then we will consider the challenges and opportunities of mmWave for vehicular communications.

19 Feb 2016

This talk surveys the state-of-the art in RFID, energy-harvesting sensors, and devices for the Internet of Things.  Everything you know about wireless communications will be challenged, as we discuss ultra-low energy RF devices, bizarre forms of modulation, ``smart’’ antennas that do not require power, and undulating waveforms that extend the physical limits of RF energy-harvesting.  We present the engineering breakthroughs of today that will lead to real Sci-Fi applications of tomorrow:  peel-and-stick radio sensors that last forever, mm-scale wireless location capability, and de

18 Feb 2016

Abstract: How much of space can be filled with pairwise non-overlapping copies of a given solid? This is one of the oldest problems in mathematics, intriguing since the times of Aristotle, and remaining remarkably elusive until present times. For example, the three-dimensional sphere packing problem (posed by Kepler in 1611) was only solved in 1998 by Ferguson and Hales. 

26 Jan 2016

The need to improve capacity and energy consumption in existing and future mobile communication systems is driving intense research on how to improve the bandwidth and efficiency of mobile and base station transmitters. This presentation will give an overview of the recent research performed at Chalmers University in this area, ranging from new power amplifier circuits to advanced signal processing and system level analysis techniques.