Upcoming Events

Apr 24
1:00 PM
UTA 7.532

Join CalTech's Dr. Quentin Berthet in this one-hour seminar. We study the detection problem of finding planted solutions in random instances of flat satisfiability problems, a generalization of boolean satisfiability formulas. We describe the properties of random instances of flat satisfiability, as well of the optimal rates of detection of the associated hypothesis testing problem. We also study the performance of an algorithmically efficient testing procedure.

May 15
11:00 AM
UTA 7.532

Join WNCG alum and current postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, Siddhartha Banerjee, in this WNCG seminar. Topic TBD.

Mon to Thu
May 18 to 21
Blanton Museum of Art Edgar Smith Auditorium

Hosted by the Department of Mathematics and the Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG) at the University of Texas at Austin, the Simons Conference brings together a diverse set of world-class researchers from various scientific communities to foster interdisciplinary engagement. The multi-day event focuses on the intersection of mathematics and applications to drive the future of wireless, transportation, social and distribution networks. 

Oct 16
8:00 AM
Blanton Museum of Art Edgar Smith Auditorium

The 13th annual Texas Wireless Summit (TWS) provides a forum on emerging technology and business models for industry leaders and academics. Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin's Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG), the Summit offers direct access to cutting-edge research and innovations from industry leaders, investors, academics and startups.

Recent Events

23 Mar 2015

WiFi has become the connection of choice (when available) for many users. For that reason, many operators have embraced WiFi as another radio access technology that eventually will be integrated to the network. In this talk we study concurrent user associations on the uplink of the OFDMA and CSMA  heterogeneous networks. Where user equipments assumed to have multi-homing capabilities.

13 Mar 2015

The brain is simultaneously a biological object and a computing machine that represents and stores information about the external world, computes with this information, and generates adaptive behaviors in the world. Modern neuroscience is bringing sophisticated tools to observe neural codes. Our actual understanding of these codes is at a nascent stage, and opportunities to understand how the brain codes information and why it does so the way is does, abound. I'll talk about some fascinating neural codes and our work to theoretically analyze these codes.

12 Mar 2015

Title: Towards a Mobile Content Marketplace: Proactive Caching and Pricing Strategies

To view presentation slides from the day's event, view the PDF file.

09 Mar 2015

Many emerging applications of machine learning involve time series and spatio-temporal data. In this talk, I will discuss a collection of machine learning approaches to effectively analyze and model large-scale time series and spatio-temporal data, including temporal causal models, sparse extreme-value models, and fast tensor-based forecasting models. Experiment results will be shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of our models in climate science and healthcare applications.

27 Feb 2015

Millimeter wave wireless propagation and communications system design

This talk provides an overview of historic wideband radio propagation measurements and channel models in Austin and New York City for evolving millimeter wave wireless networks, and demonstrates an important flaw in earlier 4G wireless channel models developed in the 3GPP standard body.