Gigabit/Second RF Channel Sounder Operational at 60 and 38 GHz

Monday, August 08, 2011

WNCG has recently completed the test and development of one of the world's fastest, mobile RF channel sounder. The Sliding Correlator channel sounder operates at a 1.5 GHz RF first-null bandwidth at carrier frequencies of 38 GHz and 60 GHz, and provides multipath resolution capabilities to a 1 ns temporal resolution. Prof. Ted Rappaport and his graduate student Eshar Ben-Dor recently used the system to measure the UT campus, and undergraduate researchers Yijun Qiao and Sam Lauffenburger are developing automated measurement tracks and rotational platforms to permit truly mobile Angle of Arrival measurements, vital for the emerging fields of wireless backhaul and outdoor/cellular millimeter wave communications. Unlike typical indoor channel sounders that use a Vector Network Analyzer, Rappaport's system permits true mobility without cables between the transmitter and receiver over several hundreds of meters of distance. Directional and rotating horn antennas are used to emulate phased array antennas that will be used in futuristic devices. If your company has needs of RF propagation channel measurements or models for new or emerging applications, contact Ted Rappaport at WNCG.