Postdoc Joe Neeman Joins UT Austin Faculty

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

WNCG Postdoctoral Researcher, Joe Neeman, recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Prior to holding a joint postdoctoral position in UT Austin’s Departments of Mathematics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Neeman completed his bachelor’s degree at the Australian National University and his PhD at UC Berkeley’s Department of Statistics.

At UT, Neeman’s research will focus on problems in probability. 

“On the theoretical side, I’m interested in how geometry and probability interact—for example, how the curvature of a space affects the way random processes living in it evolve,” Neeman states.

From a more practical view, Neeman continues, he is interested in problems in applied probability and statistics, including clustering random graphs, compressed sensing and other problems related to learning and high-dimensional statistics.

Prior to starting his new post at UT Austin, Neeman will join the math department at the University of Bonn for one year.

“Austin is great and I look forward to coming back,” Neeman mentions. “I’ve already had the opportunity to work with students in WNCG and the math department at UT and I look forward to longer-term interaction with them.”

At WNCG, Dr. Neeman was advised by Prof. Sujay Sanghavi, who Neeman credits prepared him for a research role by introducing him to new problems, new areas and enthusiastic, well-prepared students.