Prof. Jeff Andrews Appointed Chair of Emerging Technologies Committee

Monday, April 09, 2018

Prof. Jeff Andrews has been appointed the Chair of Emerging Technologies Committee (ETC) for the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc).  This appointment was made by the Society President for two years.

As ETC Chair, Andrews is tasked with fostering and supporting the growth of new communications technology initiatives within ComSoc. He works with six other appointed committee members to oversee current initiatives in areas as diverse as the Internet of Things (IoT), Nano-Scale & Molecular Networking, Quantum Communications & Information Technology, and Software Defined Networking & Network Function Virtualization.

He also is looking to develop new programs in areas such as Vehicular and UAV Networks, mmWave and Terahertz communications, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence for Networks, Radar and Communication, Smart Buildings, and Low-resolution communication.  Typical activities for new initiatives include dedicated tracks at ComSoc’s flagship conferences (Globecom and ICC), special issues in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communications or Communications Magazine, and bringing together researchers and practicing engineers around topics of interests, e.g. through workshops or online activities.   

If you are interested in joining or launching a new technical initiative, please contact Prof. Andrews