UT Austin Hosts MEMOCODE 2015

Monday, October 05, 2015

The 13th ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System Design was held this year on the UT Austin campus September 21-23. The conference was held in conjunction with co-located FMCAD, SAT, DIFTS and ACL2 conferences.  

The MEMOCODE conference is focused on formal methods and models for developing computer systems and their components. With the boundaries between computer system components such as hardware, software, firmware, middleware and applications having been blurred over the last decade, MEMOCODE 2015 emphasized the importance of formal models and methodologies in correct system design and development, and brought together researchers and industry partners interested in aspects of computer system development. The goal of MEMOCODE was to exchange ideas and share recent research among the computer systems community.

WNCG Prof. Andreas Gerstlauer was the General Chair for this year’s MEMOCODE, which included 21 technical papers and short paper sessions. The topics covered included: run-time and hybrid system verification, hardware design, test and analysis, distributed and concurrent systems, software and system modeling, verification and testing. The event featured three keynote speakers, including Rajeev Alur from the University of Pennsylvania, Derek Chiou from Microsoft Research and UT Austin, and Paul Clements from BigLever Software.

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