WNCG alumnus T.J. Brudner is youngest ever recipient of the 2011 Jeffress Award

Friday, March 30, 2012

T.J. Brudner received the 2011 Jeffress Award from Applied Research Laboratories: The University of Texas at Austin. This is ARL's most prestigious award, 'In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions in Applied Research', and T.J. is the youngest ever to receive this award. As part of ARL's submarine sonar development effort, T.J. has served as the lead of the High Frequency Working Group under the Advanced Processing Build process. At the request of the U.S. Submarine Force, T.J. has taught high frequency submarine sonar in the Navy's Prospective Commanding Officers Submarine Command Course. He continues to work with the fleet on the development of tactics for deployment of new high frequency sonar capability. T.J. completed his PhD in 2003 under the supervision of Professor Edward Powers. His academic research focused on developing wideband direction finding capabilities using shielded gradient monopulse techniques, which are applicable to three-dimensional sonar systems.