WNCG Student Leadership Award

Monday, July 02, 2012

Every year, from the 100-plus graduate students that constitute WNCG, one or two students are recognized for their leadership: both contributions within WNCG and impact on the broader community. This year two students share this award: Omar and Tom. Omar, working towards his PhD with Prof. Robert Heath, has been a leading student contributor to several WNCG events: multiple open houses, board and WiCAT meetings, and TW Summits. He has also been a dependable resource for organizing student-led and student-oriented activities within WNCG. Omar has also represented WNCG at CTIA 2010. In addition, he has been a mentor for several students within his research group.Tom, who recently completed his PhD with Prof. Jeff Andrews, has also been a regular and dependable contributor to WNCG and student events. In addition, Tom has also been involved in a of significant external initiative: bringing cheap wireless to low-income communities in Austin (in fact, leading a team of 4 undergraduates to do so). Tom has had excellent interactions with multiple industrial affiliates, a prime example of the two-way flow of ideas that we value here at WNCG.Congratulations to Omar and Tom for this achievement!