Become an Affiliate

WNCG would not be possible without the support of our affiliates and sponsors. With this outside funding, we are able to provide equipment, lab space, tuition, funding and administrative support to faculty and students within the group. Funds from these memberships also enable WNCG to attract greater attention and funding from government sponsors, as well as provide affiliate members with invaluable services.

Industrial Affiliate Memberships

Level 1 - $50,000 ~ This is our most frequently selected option and key to our success

To our affiliates, WNCG is a high impact investment that leverages a multi-disciplinary, multi-million dollar research program, driven by leading faculty and students. Industrial affiliates also benefit directly from the fact that WNCG operates and functions as a cohesive center leveraging an increasing level of industry and federal funding. The Industrial Affiliate Program connects each company with a WNCG faculty member, who will serve as a point of contact between WNCG and the affiliate company.

Benefits of the membership program include:

Receive a bi-annual research report of publications and findings tailored to your industry focus

Access to a WNCG student resume book

First-access to WNCG graduate students for recruitment purposes

Limited number of free passes to WNCG's annual Texas Wireless Summit

Attendance at the annual WNCG Board Meeting during the Fall

This event includes student poster presentations and insight into current WNCG research directions.

Attendance at the Open House during the Spring

This event includes student poster presentations and insight into current WNCG research directions.

Greater access to the Austin wireless community is an unparalleled opportunity

In addition to building close connections with WNCG faculty, students and postdoctoral associates.

Receive marketing benefits through the inclusion of your logo on the WNCG website and social media pages

Level 2 - $110,000

The $110,000 Level 2 membership provides all the benefits of the Level 1 Membership, with the added bonus of: 

  • More directly supporting student research and programs 
  • Your annual fee helps support graduate student research in a research direction of your choice

Level 3 - $170,000

The $170,000 Level 3 membership provides all the benefits of Level 1 and Level 2 memberships with a few added bonuses:

  • Additional opportunities for research collaboration with faculty
  • Increased student engagement and recruitment opportunities
  • Extra passes to the annual 6G@UT Forum and VIP Dinner

Industrial Affiliate Sponsored Research

A WNCG affiliate can connect with one or more faculty and research staff to pursue focused research in a particular area. This may result in concrete deliverables, as well as intellectual property rights, as negotiated with UT Austin. Please see 6G@UT for more information, and contact us to learn more.

Directed Research

This includes other forms of support, including state and federally sponsored research projects.


Karen Little

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