6G@Tek: Defining Future Test, Measurement and Sustainment Paradigms

Wednesday, September 14, 2022
EER 1.518

12:00 noon to 1 PM 

Sixth-generation (6G) cellular communication systems demand new and innovative means to ensure communications are dynamic, effective, and efficient.  Namely, broadband communication needs to be seamless as users migrate across multiple venues—vehicle, home, office, or wilderness, demanding high bandwidth offering for various communication scenarios. 

Tektronix feels the separation between manufacturing and deployment will fade over time, compressing traditional test and measurement (T&M) processes.  In the foreseeable future, time to market will demand T&M products help system modules comprehend their roles, ensuring alignments via Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence: namely, they will work in conjunction with dedicated T&M controllers to ensure desired performance goals and system assurances. 

Tek Collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin through the 6G@UT Research Center looks to promote research vectors that lead to innovative methods, algorithms, and network technologies that marry pervasive sensing, computing, communications, and optics to ensure 6G performance T&M needs are met.


RF Solutions Architect

Mr. Keith R. Tinsley of Tektronix, a Fortive Company, has been in the industry for 25+ years.  He received his BSEE from Old Dominion University and his MSEE from Arizona State University, always focused on wireless communications, decision theory and digital signal processing.  In addition to publications and patents, his contributions also span satellite and mobile communication system, beginning with Iridium, stretching through Teledesic—both pioneering satellite systems—to traditional radio architecture networks and components, e.g. Oregon & Washington State Public Safety Radio Networks to mobile & RF handset designs. Currently, Keith is an RF Solutions Architect driving 6G@Tek by fostering innovative technologies at key universities to meet the anticipated need of wireless, wired, automotive and optical systems in serving as the pillars of 6G; thereby, Tektronix provides test, measurement, and sustainment offerings to help Fortive customers retire their risks and multiply our impact.