Camera-Phone Computational Photography:

Friday, September 30, 2011
ENS 637

Camera-phones have come a long way from when they debuted as gimmicks. Today camera-phone pictures have become usable not only for web consumption but also for high resolution displays and prints. However, image quality challenges remain due to form factor, cost, and market constraints.Despite the constraints, the camera-phone provides unprecedented opportunity through the computational capability available and the programmable platforms that are available to harness that compute power. The ability to extend camera features or push situation specific image quality through "Apps" makes the camera phone much different from regular digital still cameras or camcorders. With available sideband data from sensors of various sorts and a data source called the Internet, the space of applications and the monetization possibilities seem limitless.The talk provides a TI perspective of the space and a peek into what TI is doing to cultivate this.