Sensing, Estimation and Control of Cyber-Physical Systems

Friday, April 17, 2009
ENS 637


The talk will cover recent results in estimation and control over networks of sensors and actuators.Advancement in communication technologies provide us with seamless connection to our friends, our data and the physical world that surrounds us.
The use of networked sensing and actuation, implemented via sensor and actuator networks, may provide the necessary technology to make large scale systems such as buildings, power grids, data centers, water distribution systems efficient, safe and secure with respect to faults and security attacks.
Novel sensing, distributed information processing and control strategies need to be developed in order to implement this vision.Also, as components are connected via general purpose communication networks, algorithms need to take into account networks effects such as delays and data loss.In this talk we will provide recent results related to sensing, estimation and control over sensor networks.


Carnegie Mellon University