DELL provides super-server to WNCG

Monday, July 25, 2011

Through the generous support of Dell, Inc., a WNCG industrial affiliate sponsor, WNCG is now equipped with an enterprise-level computer server for complex circuit designs and electromagnetic field simulations. WNCG's new Dell PowerEdge T610 server provides 96GB of RAM memory, many terabytes of hard drive space, and 2 independent Intel Xeon quad-core processors to run complex simulations of millimeter-wave integrated circuits, antennas, and layout designs using; ANSYS HFSS, ADS, Cadence, and other software tools. The server will serve a dual purpose as a computational engine for EM and circuit modeling software, as well as for hosting a new public online database for researchers to archive wireless propagation measurements and models across the radio spectrum. This web archival database, funded by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society, will be integrated with SIRCIM and SMRCIM to offer a semantic web (See recent paper by Murdock, et. al. in the IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, June 2011).SIRCIM and SMRCIM were popular wireless propagation simulators more than a decade ago, and are being revamped to include more accurate models for higher frequencies and new use-cases, including MIMO antenna systems.SIRCIM and SMRCIM are open source channel modeling tools that are based on MatLAB, and will be; integrated as part of WNCG's efforts to provide an online tool and centralized source of information for researchers to share their measurement data and channel models in various propagation environments. The DELL server was made possible by industrial affiliate board members Liam Quinn and Bruce Montag, and was acquired by Prof. Rappaport for his students in the RFIC and Propagation laboratory within WNCG.