How Vulnerable is GPS?

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August 13, 2020

The New Yorker feature "How Vulnerable is GPS?" discusses WNCG professor Todd Humphreys' journey uncovering and demonstrating security weaknesses in the Global Positioning System.

Humphreys is a pioneer in the the study of Global Navigation Satellite Systems. His research group was the first to demonstrate cm-accurate RTK positioning through a smartphone antenna, and in 2012 they demonstrated the first successful spoofing of UAVs. Since then, Humphreys has examined real-world instances of spoofing and jamming that raise serious concerns about the ubiquitous technology.

"'We’re seeing a general consensus that GPS is wonderful, but we’ve got to cut our habit,' Humphreys told [The New Yorker]. The signature precision of the system seems to be giving way to blurry, unnerving chaos. But what might a viable alternative look like?"

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