Jubin Jose Wins 2011 Student Leadership Award

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jubin Jose Wins 2001 Student Leadership Award' This year's winner of the WNCG student leadership award was Jubin Jose. Jubin has shown initiative and leadership in a number of areas important to WNCG, including student life, scholarship, and the WNCG organization itself. Perhaps most impressively, Jubin has been critical in revitalizing the WNCG student seminar series & a forum for our students to share ideas, and more importantly, to convey to one another the excitement for research, scholarship, and collegiality. In addition to this, Jubin has been active in helping with the WNCG seminar series, Winedale, and also the EURECA program. Off the books of official WNCG activities, again he has proven an active and enthusiastic participant, always making time to talk to prospective students, and help mentor new students to WNCG. His eagerness to participate in both the social and academic life of WNCG is commendable, and recognized by many students and faculty in WNCG and now, by the WNCG student leadership award.