Photo Recap: Texas Wireless Summit 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019

The 17th Texas Wireless Summit took place on November 12, 2019. The event highlighted advances and opportunities at the intersection of human-centered computing, sensing, and connectivity.

Prof. Joseph A. Paradiso, director of MIT Media Lab's Responsive Environments group, delivered a keynote titled "How We Will Connect To Our Networked Future in a Post-IoT World."

Sessions and panels focused on wearables, virtual and mixed reality, bio-interfaces, and perception. We explored the challenges and demands of the communication infrastructure required to support and enhance devices and experiences, examined in large trends as well as specific solutions. Speakers included industry and academe leaders from Qualcomm, Microsoft Research, Samsung, Caltech, and more. 

The event also included poster sessions, a UT Research Showcase, and demos given by augmented reality startup Magic Leap. 

For more information, read RCR Wireless' event recap, watch full recorded coverage of the event on our YouTube playlist, or take a look at the detailed agenda on the TWS website.

The 2019 program was co-chaired by WNCG professors Edison Thomas and Nanshu Lu.

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