Prof. Nanshu Lu of Texas Aerospace Engineering Joins WNCG

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October 12, 2018

WNCG is happy to announce our newest faculty member, Prof. Nanshu Lu! Prof. Lu joins us from The University of Texas at Austin’s Departments of Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering. She has been with the University of Texas at Austin since 2011 and currently holds the title of Associate Professor.

Prof. Lu's research focuses on the mechanics and manufacture of flexible, stretchable, and bio-integrated electronics. Her research team, comprised of 11 PhD students and one postdoctoral researcher, concentrates on four major areas:

  • mechanics of flexible and stretchable structures,
  • mechanics at bioelectronics interface,
  • 2D materials for imperceptible bioelectronics, and
  • freeform manufacture of soft bioelectronics.

Notable projects her group has worked on include cost and time effective “cut-and-paste” manufacture of electronic-tattoos (e-tattoos), wireless and disposable e-tattoos for the ambulatory recording of vital signs, and graphene-based imperceptible and ultra-conformable e-tattoos.

Welcome to Prof. Lu and her students and staff in the Lu Research Group!