Prof. Sujay Sanghavi Receives NSF CAREER Award

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January 28, 2010

Professor Sujay Sanghavi, who joined the UT ECE department in Fall 2009, has received an NSF CAREER Award. Dr. Sanghavi's research on Networks and Statistical Inference: New Connections and Algorithms was recognized by the National Science Foundation this month and takes first steps towards a more universal science for network algorithms.

According to Dr. Sanghavi, This research will significantly impact both how we control large-scale networks and interpret the high-dimensional data they generate. By providing a common algorithmic language, it will facilitate the easy migration of techniques across fields. Industry will continuously influence and absorb this research via the WNCG industrial affiliates program at UT. We will build a social network for education, which will expose K-12 and college undergraduate students to network research, enhance pedagogical resources at UT, and generate real-world social network data.

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