Rappaport Gives Plenary at IEEE Global Communications Conference

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Prof. Ted Rappaport, the William and Bettye Nowlin Chaired Professor at UT ECE and founder of UT's Wireless Networking and Communications Group (WNCG), presented an invited plenary address on December 8 at the 2010 IEEE Globecom conference in Miami Florida. Rappaport's presentation described the future of wireless communications, and described the massive increases in bandwidth and carrier frequency that are being made possible by semiconductor technologies. Rappaport outlined new wireless applications, devices, and architectures for cellular and enterprise networks that will be made possible by wireless networks operating at 60 GHz and sub-THz frequencies, and suggested why communications experimentalists and prototypers will need to become proficient at RF and baseband integrated circuit design. At the same conference, Rappaport organized a business and technology forum on the topic of Wireless Personal Area Networks; 60 GHz and Beyond.

Slides from the plenary and the business/technology forum may be found at: