WNCG Faculty Named to Most Influential Scholars List

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Five WNCG faculty members were among the top 100 most influential scholars on the AI 2000 lists. The rankings are based on the Tsinghua AMiner academic data, which indexes more than 133 million expert profiles and 270 million publications.

Jeffrey Andrews and Robert Heath came in at the top of the Most Influential Scholars in the Internet of Things category, ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively.

Recognized as Honorable Mentions for Internet of Things were Sriram Vishwanath at No. 82 and Constantine Caramanis at No. 90.

In the Theory category, Sujay Sanghavi also made Honorable Mention at No. 50.

The AI 2000 Most Influential Scholar Annual List recognizes the world’s top-cited research scholars from 20 sub-categories in the field of artificial intelligence. Computer algorithms deployed in the AMiner system track and rank the research scholars based on citation counts in order to generate the list. The top ten researchers for each list are named Most Influential Scholars; ranks 11-100 are considered Honorable Mentions. Honorees are recognized for outstanding technical achievements with lasting contribution and impact.

AMiner plans to release the rankings once a year through 2029. The 2020 AI 2000 Annual List recognizes 200 Most Influential Scholar Award winners and 1800 nominees.