WNCG Student Spotlights 2021

Monday, May 17, 2021

It's no secret that WNCG produces stellar industry and academic professionals. This summer, WNCG members are staying busy! Here’s where some of our students and new graduates are headed (in many cases, remotely!) for internships, academic positions, and full-time employment.

graduation cap - recent graduate

dark orange circle with a W - WNCG industrial affiliate



Ramakrishna Sai Annaluru - MIT Lincoln Labs

Full-Time Positions

Ziqi Ke - Bloomberg L.P.

graduation cap William Lies - UHU Technologies

graduation cap Liu Liu - Tencent AI Lab

graduation cap Somnath Rakshit - Walmart Global Tech

Industry Internships

Anish Acharya - Facebook

Pedram Akbarian Saravi - CognitiveScale

Marius Arvinte - (WNCG Affiliate) Intel

Alexander Cathis - Facebook

Geetha Chandrasekaran - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Meixu Chen - Apple

Tianlong Chen - Facebook

Wuyang Chen - Google Brain

Xiaohan Chen - Microsoft

Yiyue Chen - (WNCG Affiliate) Toyota Motor North America

Yunseong Cho - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Giannis Daras - Google

Rudrajit Das - Google Research

Akash Doshi - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm R&D

Ryan Dreifuerst - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Joshua Ebenezer - Amazon

Xinyu Gong - Facebook

Andrew Graff - Uhnder Inc

Xing Han - Intuit

Yan Han - LinkedIn

Yuqiang Heng - (WNCG Affiliate) Samsung Research America

Yifan Jiang - Google

Saadallah Kassir - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Dawei Liang - Facebook AI

Pavan Madhusudanarao - (WNCG Affiliate) Samsung Research America

Rajesh Mishra - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Somdyuti Paul - Amazon

Nithin Ramesan - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Monica Ribero - Google

Ian Roberts - (WNCG Affiliate) AT&T Labs

Sandy Saab - (WNCG Affiliate) Samsung Research America

Madhumitha Sakthi - (WNCG Affiliate) Qualcomm

Zaixi Shang – Amazon Web Services

Wei Sun - Facebook

Ezgi Tekgul - Nokia Bell Labs

Zhengzhong Tu - Google

Abhinau Venkataramanan - Facebook

Haotao Wang - Amazon

Jay Whang - Google Research

Wenqing Zheng - Amazon