Working to Support Student Mental Health

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January 12, 2022

A recent article in Alcalde explored how The University of Texas at Austin has been working to promote student mental health. The article included WNCG professor Brian Evans' experience finding ways to foster a supportive environment for his students.

According to Prof. Evans, “the idea is to reduce the unnecessary stress and anxiety that I cause by making certain choices in the way the class proceeds.”

The topic of mental health has become increasingly important throughout the challenges and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the full article via Alcalde.

Prof. Evans' dedication to his students has been recognized with five teaching awards from UT Austin: ECE Gordon T. Lepley Memorial Teaching Award in 2008; university-wide Texas Exes Teaching Award in 2011; ECE Best Professor Award from the UT Austin HKN/IEEE Student Chapter in 2012; ECE Teaching Excellence Award in 2017-2018; and the 2019 Outstanding ECE Professor Award. 

His research and teaching interests are to increase connection speeds and reliability in communication systems and improve visual quality of video and still images. 


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