Intel, NEC, Western Digital Join WNCG Industrial Affiliates

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May 15, 2018

This Spring, WNCG welcomes Intel, NEC, and Western Digital as the newest WNCG Industrial Affiliates Program members.

All three companies enter as Level 2 members.

Since WNCG’s founding, the Industrial Affiliates Program has played a vital role in the group’s success. It facilitates “cooperation and mutual assistance” between WNCG and Affiliate companies. This collaboration between academia and industry embodies the group’s mission to “support research, provide highly relevant education and opportunities, [and] promote technical innovation, imagination and entrepreneurship.”

Affiliates gain in-depth access to the latest WNCG research, tailored to the company’s industry focus. Members also leverage the efforts of 22 distinguished faculty and over 200 graduate students and research staff. Over the years, Affiliates have built a close relationship with WNCG students and faculty, creating a mutually beneficial environment of technical exchange. This also presents a key opportunity for affiliate companies to recruit from a high-quality pool of talent.

Membership also affords Affiliates the position to influence new research directions through participation on the advisory board, which helps formulate strategic research and educational initiatives within WNCG. Affiliates also help inspire research through the development of sponsored projects, which fund the exploration of a particular area of interest.

WNCG recently celebrated 15 years in operation and looks forward to another year of growth and innovation in cooperation with Intel, NEC, and Western Digital, as well as all our Industrial Affiliates.

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Updated 6/7/18: A previous version of this article mistakenly listed Western Digital as a Level 1 member. Western Digital, along with Intel and NEC, has joined the Affiliates Program as a Level 2 Affiliate.