Prof. Robert Heath Gives Keynote at IEEE ML4COM

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Prof. Robert Heath delivered a keynote speech at IEEE Communication Society’s 2018 International Conference on Communications (IEEE ICC).

Heath was one of two distinguished speakers to give a keynote address at the conference’s Workshop on Promises and Challenges of Machine Learning in Communication Networks (ML4COM). ML4COM aims to provide a more comprehensive picture of the possibilities for the successful integration of machine learning concepts into communication networks. The full-day workshop highlighted “pioneering works” that focus on solving technical obstacles to this integration. The workshop also explored how developments in communications, signal processing, and information theory have influenced the field of machine learning in return.

For his keynote talk, Heath spoke on “Configuring MIMO Communication Links with Machine Learning.” His presentation reviewed important applications of rate adaptation in MIMO communication systems as well as beam training in millimeter wave MIMO systems. In his talk, he discussed the benefits and challenges that arise when a machine learning paradigm is translated into cellular systems.

“Machine learning is helping us use information that, as engineers, we realize should be valuable, but we may not know exactly what to do with it,” Heath stated during the talk.

The application of this research is key to advancements in both wireless LAN and 4G / 5G cellular communication.

Earlier this spring, Heath’s work on MIMO systems was recognized with the Journal of Communications and Networks Best Paper Award. Heath co-authored the winning paper with two former WNCG students.

Video of Prof. Heath’s keynote session is available here: YouTube | YOUKU