WNCG Director Todd Humphreys Featured in New York Times

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December 4, 2023
Todd Humphreys

Research from WNCG Director Todd Humphreys was featured in a New York Times front-page article last month. His research on GPS spoofing, radio frequency interference, and their implications on security and defense are discussed in the front-page article. 

New York Times reporter Selam Gebrekidan writes:

“Today, an enthusiastic amateur with a few hundred dollars and instructions from the internet can spoof satellite signals. Governments, too, have been more willing to overtly interfere with signals as part of their electronic warfare.

“What’s changed over the last couple of years is that spoofing has moved from theory in research articles and in laboratories to actual events in the wild,” Professor Humphreys said.”

In the Middle East, Professor Humphrey’s research team found widespread spoofing with false signals telling pilots that their aircraft were directly above the airport in Tel Aviv when they were far away. Opsgroup said that it had received around 50 similar reports. In some cases, onboard equipment showed that planes were approaching airports in Baghdad, Cairo or Beirut, Lebanon, when they were not.”

Read the full article here.

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