Todd Humphreys

WNCG Director Todd Humphreys Featured in New York Times

Dec. 4, 2023
Research from WNCG Director Todd Humphreys was featured in the New York Times in November.
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Digesting Big Data

Aug. 24, 2015
With Big Data playing a role in the lives of companies and individuals across the globe, and data being collected on everything from apps to electronic health records to parking meters, society debates how best to use this mass of information. “The stormy sea of Big Data can lead to data indigestion,” WNCG Associate Director Prof. Constantine Caramanis states. “We are interested in the application of data for engineering problems, from petroleum to health to recommendation engines.”
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Sifting Through Social Noise

June 27, 2014
Recent years have radically changed the way people socialize; in parts of the developed world that have good broadband and cellular penetration, the average person now spends more time on online social networks than on physical meetings with acquaintances outside their immediate family.
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Video Aware Wireless Networks (VAWN) Research Program

Feb. 24, 2014
The next generation of wireless networks will become the dominant means for video content delivery, leveraging rapidly expanding cellular and local area network infrastructure. We believe that video networks at every time-scale and layer should operate and adapt with respect to perceptual distortions in the video stream.