Work from Radionavigation Lab Featured in InsideGNSS

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March 3, 2020

Research done by WNCG alum Matthew Murrian was featured on the cover of the InsideGNSS January/February 2020 volume. Murrian, the lead author on the paper, conducted the work along with Lakshay Narula and Radionavigation Lab director Prof. Todd Humphreys.

In 2017, the Radionavigation lab placed a custom software-defined receiver onboard the International Space Station as part of a larger effort to study GNSS signals in the low Earth orbit environment. Over a two-year period, the researchers analyzed data from the receiver and identified multiple sources of GNSS interference.

The project was done in collaboration with Brady O'Hanlon from MITRE Corporation and Scott Budzien from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

Matthew Murrian obtained his Master’s in Aerospace Engineering & GPS Navigation from Texas Engineering and is currently a systems engineer for Coherent Technical Services.

Check out the featured cover on the magazine, and read the article from InsideGNSS here.